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Be transformed, be encouraged

and have your joy restored.


"Embracing God's Rainbow" is three books in one: First, it is Connie McDonald's transparent story from fear to freedom. Secondly, it includes a Transormational Toolbox that illustrates the vehicles of creativity that God used to change her world from black and white to technicolor, and heal her distorted image of God. Finally, there is a bonus Workbook/Playbook that offers fun and creative ideas plus interactive exercises that invite you to try them on. "Embracing God's Rainbow" demonstrates God's tenacious invitation to enjoy Christ's redemptive, colorful and creative love. Read Connie's book to learn how you can experience God's love more deeply and how you too can enjoy a technicolor life in the following ways: • Take a fun-filled journey to find your unique purpose and passion. • Enjoy life and God through creativity. • Find your true colors and live life in technicolor. • Realize that God is crazy about you. This book is for the person who wants more color and pizazz in their everyday life. It is for the one who wants to discover their creativity and to fall more in love with God. It is also for the person who needs encouragement. "Embracing God's Rainbow" offers ways to explore how you can cooperate with God who longs to heal brokenness and skewed, distorted beliefs.

Just for fun.


Non-stop adventure is set into motion when nineteenth century hard rock miners strike something they were not looking for. Two runaway teen brothers and their older and wiser companion are thrust through space and time, facing challenges none of them could ever have imagined. Told through the perspective of late 1800’s old west characters with a simple faith—lived out day to day, the storyline weaves its way through times and events, both historical and imagined.

Tim McDonald is an avid storyteller who likes to blend fiction into an historical background, sometimes creating new historical “facts” in the process. He also enjoys combining genres not typically associated with each other such as ancient history, old western tales and science fiction.

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